Apple Blurs nude images

Apple’s new Messages feature includes a tool that blurs out any nudity in images that are shared. This is a great way to keep your conversations clean and appropriate, especially if you’re sharing images with others. To use this feature, simply select the “Blur Nudity” option when sending an image through Messages. apple

Apple is now blurring nude images in its iOS App Store, following a similar move by Google last year.

The change was first spotted by developers on Twitter, who noticed that some of their apps containing pictures of naked people were no longer being featured in Apple’s App Store. Instead, these apps were replaced with a generic “placeholder” image.

It’s not clear why Apple has decided to blur out nude images in its App Store, but it’s likely due to the company wanting to maintain a family-friendly image. This is in line with other recent changes Apple has made, such as removing sexually explicit emoji from its keyboard and banning apps that promote illegal drugs.

Google made a similar change to its Play Store last year, where it began blurring out images that contained “mature” content. Like Apple, Google has not given a specific reason for why it made this change. However, it’s likely due to the company wanting to create a more family-friendly environment in its app store.

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